Getting Started with Architectural Process for a Custom Home

Once you choose an architect for your custom home, set up an initial meeting. The goal of the meeting is for you to get a feel for how you and the architect will work together and if the architect shares the vision that you have for your future custom home.

After the project starts, remain proactive. Call and email to get updates and ask questions if you feel that you need more information. The job of an architect is the present you with information in the following four realms: time, quality, costs and design.

You can be conducting your own research and getting second opinions at the same time that you are getting information and updates from your architect. The more you choose to educate yourself and the more responsibility you take, the bigger the chance that you will be able to spot and eliminate problems and issues quickly, sometimes even before they appear. This can save you a lot of money and help you avoid stress, getting you the custom home of your dreams according to your plan and budget.

Remember that an architect is fundamentally a high-paid consultant. Schedule regular meetings, get updates and ask questions. Doing so will allow you to get a better grip on finances and deadlines. It is a good idea to set a long-term schedule from the very beginning. If your project is very complex, the schedule will inevitably have changes but it will help reduce the amount of stress and calls that you will have to make if you don’t completely understand what is going on with your project.

The position of an architect is very tricky because architect’s fees are typically high yet you are not getting a lot of land or a part of a physical building when you pay your architect.